Our Service

Hacking is not a crime. Contrary to what you may have heard,
Ethical Hacking can have some very positive outcomes.
True hackers have helped build most of the technology you use today.

Facebook Hacking

We require email address or mobile number of target.

Phone Hacking

Silent filtration and client control of the target

Computer Hacking

Give us the target IP Adrress we take total control

Website Hacking

We inject code shell to the website to gain full control

Email Hacking

Give us the username to encrypt the password

Social App Hacking

Get us the email liked to the App, you are in control

What our client says

My Wife was cheating with my best friend under my nose. Guess what this guys at Guruhacks007 were able to nail their ass for me.

-John Klintson / Liberian

this guys helped me hack my cheating girlfriend within 3 hours of mailing them .they are fast,reliable and can get into any social media page of your choice. be it facebook,instagram or any phone you wantcredit card top up…

-Feng Lung / Banker

There work is cheap depending on what you want to do and without trace.

-Von Ismanov / Private Investigator